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What is Reformation Academy?

We are a not-for-profit para-church entity designed to compliment the local church by offering something ‘between Sunday School and seminary.’

God has revealed Himself through nature, conscience & especially in Scripture so that we may know God as He would have us to know Him and that we may know who we are relative to God. This wholistic understanding of systematic theology from logic, philosophy and especially from Scripture is sadly lacking in much of the visible church of today in America. We hope to provide resources that will allow those of us who may choose to humbly seek the true God of creation and redemption to gain knowledge of God and peace with God.

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Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement

To aid our guests in sanctification by encouraging humble submission to the one true God as revealed in His Scriptures

The Purpose Behind Reformation Academy

“I was for decades an immature Christian seeking comfort in the fire insurance policy I thought I purchased with my faith. Testing my beliefs was stressful so I didn’t. Stumbling into an understanding of reformed theology amazed me. The questions were stressful, but the revelations of truth gave me a freedom and peace where previously I had only a degree of presumptive certainty. The truth of God, beyond a shallow understanding of Christ’s redemptive work, progressively gave me more than I thought possible in this life. I want to see Brothers & Sisters in Christ learning, sharing & applying truth with each other for our mutual benefit and ultimately for the glory of God, our redeemer.”

– Jimmy Norman

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Semper Reformanda

Semper Reformanda

Meaning: Always Reforming

Semper Reformanda (Latin) was a motto of the Reformation of the 1500s which intended to reform the church back to to Biblical truth especially as revealed by Jesus Christ and outlined by the Apostle Paul. This is necessary now, as then, because individuals and institutions often err and need to reform back to foundational truth.

Reformation Concept: The 5 Solas

Sola Scriptura — Scripture alone is the highest authority.

Solus Christus — Salvation is by Jesus Christ alone.

Sola Gratia — Salvation is by grace alone, a gift from God.

Sola Fide — Salvation is by faith (given from God) alone.

Soli Deo Gloria — Salvation is to the glory of God alone.