Is there any free time?

Yes. Quite a bit in fact. Your schedule is mostly your own. There is some time set aside for quiet study and personal prayer and devotion but most of the day could be considered flex time. Some will choose to study, some may join together in a study group or discussion. Some may want to meet privately one on one with someone they are comfortable talking to about spiritual things. One of things we value more highly than most would imagine is the ability to be involved in what appears to be just casual recreation but is potentially very intimate fellowship with fellow believers. For example, a relaxing game of horse shoes or cornhole can provide a great opportunity to discuss very serious matters in a very relaxed and not threatening environment. The conversation can flow spontaneously back and forth between the frivolous and the serious allowing all to be intensely involved or back off and catch their breath with less stressful banter. Sometimes the best way to be serious is to not be too serious or too intense. It’s a balance we want everyone to be comfortable with.